For those who have come to me with distressed looks in your eyes, whispering, “My dear, have you stopped… writing?”…

The answer is no.

I am still very much writing. Though my writing has matured tenfold, and the stories I have told are not the stories I would tell now, I am still writing; though I haven’t publicly published since 2021, I’ve still had many successes and inspirations.

In fact, this year, I will be publishing two works of poetry—one through university resources, and one through a national publishing organization. Surprise!

In addition, I am now writing a third book. This one is nothing like my previous work. I’m proud of the work and dedication ingrained in the spine of my first published novel, but a story like that is no longer mine to tell.

In summary, this is my return to the public to let you know that just because you haven’t seen or heard from me, doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.

As always, much love.
- A.R. Hansen

02 April 2023

A.R. Hansen

Author of Battle of the Mind