For longer than most can remember, the kingdoms of Melbrook and Redwind have been at war over Redwind’s abuse and slavery of their own people to provide resources, a system known as the Chains. Melbrook leaders constantly send their army of defenders to battle, each time in hopes of conquering Redwind and freeing the foreign people.

Will Ryder, a defender, wants to be a doctor like Doctor Downring. However, with a past that haunts him and a best friend pleading for him to remain with the army, he cannot quit the fight until the war is over. Will can only hope that he doesn’t lose his dream by fighting for everybody else.

Alyssa has too many secrets for her own good. She may have escaped her harrowing years of the past, but demons don’t sleep at night and neither does she. With a wall between herself and everybody around her, she might never find peace. If she keeps pretending like she is not hurt, she will never heal from her wounds—wounds that could kill her.

After the latest battle between Melbrook and Redwind, it becomes clear that things are not as they seem, and people have secrets of their own that may not be worth keeping.

Genre: Psychological Suspense

Page count: 543 (Paperback)

Publication date: 02/13/2021