A.R. Hansen was born in Provo, Utah. Though she grew up reading every available book in her elementary school's library, she discovered that time to sit and read is hard to find when everybody starts filling life with crowded schedules. However, she did make small time to write scenes and short stories; in fact, writing was the only thing that seemed to make time last longer, not shorter. Most of those writing bits–over 100 pages of accumulated notes and scenes–were not used in the final publication of her book, but they were the muddy rain before the clear sky of a published book.

Her published book Battle of the Mind was first a distant concept in 2015, triggered by unknown reasons. Much like fictitious scenarios people constantly have playing in their heads when they're bored and need something to think about, it was unorganized and was purely affected by what she wanted to see. However, the dream didn't belong in her head, as it became clear when she felt the constant burden of carrying the story. It wasn't until all of life's busy schedules were canceled due to COVID-19 safety concerns that she found more than enough time to finally get the story out of her head and onto written pages.

"When I started writing Battle of the Mind, I never seriously thought about publishing. I just had to write it down. I had no choice. I told my parents, 'I will never be able to sleep at night if I don't get this story out of my head.'"

Battle of the Mind was officially published through Amazon.com on February 12, 2021, an early Valentine's Day gift. Her future is undecided, and that's where she likes to leave it.

"If you schedule so much of your life so early, then you take away the chance for plot twists to happen. Plot twists are the best part of books and, from an author's standpoint, make the most sense looked at from beyond. You never see it coming, but when you look back, it fits perfectly. It's the same way in life. Why take away from the possibility of turning a cliche life into a something nobody expected?"

Now pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology to eventually enter medical school, specializing in Diagnostic Radiology, A.R. Hansen continues to write the same way people continue to breathe. Her writing takes place in various genres and fields, as her interests continue to expand. This extends beyond what she is most recognized for--creative writing--to include research papers, technical analysis, and self-help guides.