"Maybe you've been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved."

I came across this quote a while ago while I was on an obsessive hunt for quality expressions of words. This quote hit me so strongly with the feeling of purpose that I've never been the same person since.

That is what I call a calling. Just like the good old days when people used to call each other to let them know what's going on and ask what they're doing, sometimes LIFE will call you to let you know what's going on and ask you, "What are you doing?"

Life might nudge you like," Hey, you see that kid sitting alone over there? Yeah, that's your purpose today." Or maybe it will feel something like, "You remember that experience you had that other people understand but can't put into words? Yeah, you need to put that into words so that someone out there knows that they're not alone. That's your purpose."

Then, life is going to hit you with, "What are you going to do about it?" What are you going to do about your purpose?

Whatever and however you find your purpose, you will feel it. Just like feeling your phone buzz in your pocket, you will feel it. Answer the phone; answer the call.

A.R. Hansen

Author of Battle of the Mind