We accomplish our goals on our own, based on the fact that dreams don't work unless you do. However, we are all alive at a particular time for a reason, and we don't run into each other by accident. I don't believe in coincidences; I believe in finding inspiration and motivation in each other.

"Think of life as stairs and they're all dark. Once you take that step in the dark and you find a stair, it lights up. Now if [someone admirable] is over here and they find a stair and it lights, I'm not gonna be an idiot and say, 'Nah, I'm only gonna use my stair.' I don't care about the stairs; all I care about is going higher! So fine, I'll step on [their] stair. Then I'll find another one myself and another one. If you're not allowed to grow on other people's ideas, why are we even all on this planet together?" (Jaden Smith)

Sometimes, I look back on those months I spend writing my novel, and I think to myself, how did I do that?

I believe that I can attribute some of it to the fact that every morning and night, I would read quotes, listen to speech and interviews, and simply watch people that are where I want to be, and people that simply have something to say. These insights found me when I needed it, through random searches, ads, or popping up on my social media feed.

Again, I do not believe in coincidences.

Success may be achieved by your own hard work, but it is not without the energy and existence of others.

A.R. Hansen

Author of Battle of the Mind