| Ekphrastic Poem |

A thief comes near,

threatening to take away the light

from the eye in the sky, and introduces itself: Night.

Call the police; he’s wanted for drowning the blue atmosphere

in black ink.

Yet, the sea seems unchallenged by the criminal above.

Instead, it seems to find peace in the crime,

obeying the commands of His servant--the silver dime;

The silver dime that hangs overhead like a dove.

Even the wolves bow down to the servant of Night.

As the waves rise and fall,

a sound that echoes in our ears,

the boat, aged and scarred from the years,

tries to follow the path of tears, to send a call.

A call of rescue; a call of hope.

Through the mist of His breath,

it seems to have sucked away the air and clogged our lungs.

The horizon has disappeared with its songs.

Is this today’s death?

Can one believe that the eye will survive until tomorrow?

Yes, one can believe.

Even as it disappears now, it will survive.

For we have seen it come alive,

stronger than ever, despite the attempts of Night; don’t be naive.

This is why the boat still floats.

The eye of the sky has never broken its promise to arise,

And that is why we mustn’t break our promise to rise.

Inspired by "Impression Sunset" by Monet

A.R. Hansen

Author of Battle of the Mind